Mediacom Router Login

You may need to access the settings dashboard of your MediaCom router in order to make several adjustments to your router’s settings. In this article, you will get a complete guide on how you can log in to your MediaCom router.

How to login to a MediaCom router?

MediaCom routers are very famous among small businesses and individuals. You can easily manage your MediaCom router by using the Home Network Manager offered by the router. Many users face problems while accessing the Home Network Manager. Let’s take a look at these simple steps that will help us to perform our required tasks easily.

Step – 1:

Start your device and connect it to your MediaCom router. You can use a wireless connection or an Ethernet Cable for this purpose.

Step – 2:

Open your web browser and in the address bar, type the default IP address for Mediacom routers.

The default gateway for Mediacom routers is:

You can use this if you are unfamiliar with your routers default IP address. In case, if this IP address does not work for you then you can simply search for your routers default gateway by typing your router’s model in the search bar.

Step – 3:

Now you will be redirected to the control panel of your Mediacom router. Here you will be asked to type the default username and password for your Mediacom router.

Username: admin

Password: password

If you are unfamiliar with the default username and password of your router then you can try to search it on the upper side of your router.

The login credentials are usually printed on a sticker. And if that doesn’t work for you then you can simply find the default login credentials of your router on the internet simply by typing the name of your router in the search bar.

Step – 4:

Now, click on the Sign-in button and hence you will be redirected to the settings homepage of your router.

How to change the default login credentials for the MediaCom router?

Do you want to make your modem and router more secure? If yes then you must change the default username and password for your router. If you don’t change these two timely then this may cause you problems afterward.

To change the default username and password for Mediacom router, follow the steps below:

Step – 1:

First of all, login to your MediaCom router.

Step – 2:

On the homepage, you will find the ‘My Wireless Network’ option. Click on it and proceed further.

Step – 3:

Select the WiFi option located on the left side of your home screen. After that, you will find the Network name and SSID options.

Step – 4:

Here, you can change the network name or SSID (Service Set Identifier) of your MediaCom router.

Step – 5:

After finalizing all the changes click on the Apply button to save them accordingly.

Don’t forget to test the change by connecting your mobile phone or any other device with your WiFi router.