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How To Delete Skype Account | Step by Step Complete Guide

Voice over internet protocol is a fantastic feature of the internet. It allows the application to transmit voice through the internet. Skype uses that to provide communication services to its users. That’s why it has become a popular service for communication, which can connect to individuals through the internet connection. You need to create a profile on Skype for better communication. But if you wish to delete Skype account, then this article will help you rightly. You will know how to delete Skype account. After reading this post, you will be able to delete Skype permanently. So, keep reading for more detail.

What will happen if you delete Skype account?

You will have to face the consequences. And here is the detail of it.

  1. Your Skype contacts will be removed.
  2. Your chat history and purchases will be removed forever.
  3. All your data will vanish forever.
  4. After thirty days, you will no longer find your name in the Skype directory.
  5. No one will find you through search.
  6. You will appear in your friend’s contact list, but they will no longer contact you.
  7. All your valuable information will no longer accessible.

Before removing your Skype account, you should remove your Skype profile information.

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Erasing Skype Profile information

You must go to your Skype account and remove personal information for your future safety. That’s why you must do the following.

  1. Change the profile picture from profile settings.
  2. Set the profile status to invisible.
  3. Leave a polite message to all your contacts that you will be no longer available.

You must edit personal information from the settings and preferences.

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The proper way to close the Skype account

If you want to delete Skype account, then you must close Skype by following a proper way. The detail is below.

  1. Discontinue the Microsoft account link with Skype.
  2. Cancel all premium subscriptions and apply for a refund.
  3. Cancel all Skype numbers.
  4. Disable auto-renew feature for blocking recurring payments.
  5. Create a new mood message.
  6. Sign-out from all devices.
  7. Remove personal identity from the Skype profile.
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How to delete Skype Account?

The detailed method is described in the points below.

  • Open the web browser and go to the Skype website.
  • Sign-in to Skype.
  • Navigate to account settings: For this, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click account settings. It will be under settings and preferences.
delete skype account
delete skype account
  • Now, if you have linked your Skype account with Microsoft account, then you must unlink it.
  • Click the unlink button.
delete skype account
delete skype account
  • A confirmation message will appear on the screen.
  • Click the “Continue” button for confirmation.
  • Now, you must cancel subscriptions and recurring payments. For that, go to account settings and click the subscriptions you want to cancel.
delete skype account
delete skype account
  • Click cancel subscriptions for confirmation.
  • If you have a Skype number, then it must be canceled. For that, go to Skype number in the “manage features” and click settings. After that, click cancel Skype number.
delete skype account
delete skype account

Your Skype number will remain active until its expiry date.

  • Now, you have to disable the auto-recharge feature. For that, go to account details and click “billing and payments.” After that, hit disable. Your payments will be stopped.
  • Now, you must contact Skype customer support center and ask them to close your account.
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Alternatives to Skype

If you no longer want Skype but still want to communicate through the internet, then there are many alternatives present, which also use voice over internet protocol. Here is a list.

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Google Hangouts

This app works on Android, iOS, and web. And it is also quite popular with a mega user base. You can chat, text, video call ten peoples simultaneously. If you live in the US or Canada, then you can also use voice over internet calls. The best thing about it is its service, which is absolutely free.

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Viber allows users to call internationally using the desktop. You can chat, text, voice call, and video calls to friends and family if they are using the same app on their desktop. And it is absolutely free.

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Last words

We have presented you with the proper way to delete Skype account. You must erase your details from the database, then cancel your subscriptions, and after that, call Skype customer service to close your account. There is no other method to close the Skype account. So, you must follow the method correctly.