Frontier Router Login

Do you want to get access to the settings of your Frontier router? A frontier router is considered as one of the best routers due to its high-speed connectivity that is up to 300 Mbps. Also, Frontier FiOS routers come with a 4-gigabit ETH-ports but they don’t contain any USB ports.

In this article, we are going to talk about how you can log in to your Frontier FiOS router.

How to Login to a Frontier FiOS router?

For this purpose, follow the steps mentioned below:

Step – 1:

First of all, start your device and make sure to connect it with your Frontier router either by establishing a wireless connection or by using an Ethernet cable

Step – 2:

Open your web browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Internet Explorer etc.

Step – 3:

Now, left-click on the address bar and type the default IP address for Frontier FiOS router. If you don’t know about your routers IP address then you don’t need to worry about it as I have mentioned it below: or

If these IP addresses do not work for you then you can find the correct one by typing your routers model number in the search bar of your browser.

Step – 4:

Now, a login screen will appear on your interface. Here you need to type the default username and password for your frontier FiOS router. If you don’t know about them then you can search for them on your router. Usually, they are printed on a sticker. Else, you can use these:

Username: admin

Password: admin

Step – 5:

Now you will be redirected towards the settings dashboard of your router.

This is how you can log in to your frontier FiOS router. Now let’s take a look at some security measures that will help your router to become safer.

How to change the default password for Frontier router?

Due to some security reasons, it is essential for you to change the default WiFi password for your router. But before we begin make sure to follow the tips below while changing your router’s password.

  1. Avoid using dictionary words
  2. Should contain upper and lower case letters
  3. Try to add symbols and numbers as well.
  4. Avoid adding personal details.

Now follow the steps below in order to change the default password for your Frontier Router.

Step – 1:

Login to your Frontier FiOS router and proceed further.

Step – 2:

Select the Wireless tab near the top of your interface. After that choose the basic settings.

Step – 3:

Here choose the security type as WPA-PSK2. Now, enter a new password for your router by utilizing the tips mentioned above.

Step – 4:

Click on the Apply button to save the changes.

This is how you can change the default password for your Frontier FiOS router. But, what if I forgot my password? In that case, you must perform a 30 30 30 hard reset on your router. And that is the only option left behind.