Delete Credit Card from Lyft

How To Delete Credit Card from Lyft | Step By Step Guide

There will always be portals on the internet, and there will always be A requirement of the information. People create accounts on websites that provide them services. And then they want to change their account information due to any specific reason. Similar to that case, our readers have requested us to write a post about Lyft delete credit card. That’s why we geared up our research tools and dived into the problem.

This post will tell you about changing the credit card info on the Lyft platform. You must keep reading for more. You will never regret reading this article.

how do I delete my credit card info from Lyft

You cannot just do Lyft delete credit card. But you have to change the payment method. We will tell you the detail with acute steps. So, you must follow the steps exactly.

  1. Pull out your Android mobile and open the screen lock.
  2. Now, you have to open the Lyft app.
  3. You have to tap on your photo to open the profile.
Delete Credit Card from Lyft
Delete Credit Card from Lyft
  • Now, you must tap on the tab that says “Payments.”
Delete Credit Card from Lyft
Delete Credit Card from Lyft
  • Now, you have to manage payment methods.
  • From the “Payment” tab, you will become able to change the preferred payment method.
  • Now, you have to select a payment method that you want to use for future payments.
Delete Credit Card from Lyft
Delete Credit Card from Lyft
  • Your old payment method will still be stored in the Lyft database if you want to use it in future.
  • There is no way to remove the old credit card information from the database. But when you change the payment method, then your old information will not remain active.
  • Now, when you leave the screen, then the selected payment method will become active. And you will use it for a future transaction.
  • So, you must choose the payment method carefully.
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Accepted payment methods by Lyft

The following are the accepted payment methods by Lyft.

Credit cards

You can use the following credit cards: Visa Card, Master Card, American Express Card, Discover Card, Debit Cards, Bank Cards associated with Bank accounts, and Prepaid Cards.

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You can use a PayPal account for transactions, whether you use Apple phone or Android phone.

Apple Pay

You can create an Apple Pay account and link it to Lyft. You can create an Apple Pay account by using an iPhone or any Apple device.

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Google Pay

You can create a Google Pay account and link it to the Lyft account. If you have an Android device, then you can create a Google Pay account easily.

Important Note

If your Credit Card expires, then you will be notified by the app. The notification will tell you to change the payment method. It is necessary to have a valid payment method on the app. Otherwise; you will not be able to call rides on Lyft. Even if you have Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Prepaid Card linked to Lyft app, then you still need a valid Credit Card. So, you must link a Valid Credit Card to the Lyft app.

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Alternative to Lyft

There are many alternatives to the Lyft app that does not require a strict Credit Card policy. We will show you a few.


It is a slightly expensive ride calling app, but the arrival time is lightning-quick. That’s why you can use it in an emergency situation. The app shows the actual phone numbers of riders and passengers.


Taxi companies are not dead. In fact, many taxi companies have joined Flywheel to remain in business. On this app, you will find experienced drivers.


It is a combination of ridesharing and delivery app. You can use it for ridesharing in the city and delivering your stuff around the city. People use this service to deliver speciality meals to their customers.


It is another ridesharing app that focuses on mainly black cabs. People of London have used this app too frequently. If you are in the UK, then it must be your first choice to download the Hailo app.

Wrap up

We have tried to give full information on Lyft delete Credit Card. Now, you can change the payment method by following the procedure described above. But you cannot delete your credit card information entirely from the database.