delete ashley madison account

How To Delete Ashley Madison Account | Step by Step Guide with Images

The internet produced a rise in online dating. People make profiles and hook with other people. One excellent example of an online dating portal is Ashley Madison. This site has built countless relationships. People make an account on it and want to delete the account after getting a nice person. If you are going to delete Ashley Madison account, then this post will guide you properly.

You will know the right steps on how to delete Ashley Madison account. After reading this article, you will be able to delete Ashley Madison account permanently. So keep reading to find out more.

How To delete Ashley Madison Account

If you have decided to remove your profile from the dating portal, there is only one way to do it. And we will tell you in detail. Here are the steps explained deeply.

Step 1: Open Ashley Madison Website

If you have made a firm decision to delete your ashley madison account, then you have to visit the official Ashley Madison website. The log-in option will be present on the home page. Click log-in. After that, the username and password will be required. So, you must enter the correct username and password. Otherwise, there is a possibility to delete another person’s account. That’s why you must think twice before entering the information.

delete ashley madison account
delete ashley madison account

Step 2: Click on Manage Profile

After entering log-in detail, a dashboard will open, which has all your options. These options can be checked and verified before proceeding with other options. From the dashboard, you will need to click the “manage profile” option. This act will head towards delete Ashley Madison account.

delete ashley madison account
delete ashley madison account

Step 3: Click on delete Profile

After going to the “manage profile” option, a drop-down menu will open. It will contain information about your profile, like credit history, contact options, manage posts, and many other options. A sane person must check them before proceeding to the next step. Maybe it can save you from deleting valuable contact.

Once you have cross-examined all information, click the option of delete profile.

delete ashley madison account
delete ashley madison account

Step 4: Click on the next Delete Profile button

Once you click on the “delete profile,” a new tab will open, which will tell you about what will happen if you delete your profile. You can choose to read them, or you can ignore them and proceed further.

Now, you have another “delete your profile” button. Click on it. You are now one step closer.

delete ashley madison account
delete ashley madison account

Step 4: Confirm your delete profile action

The site will ask you twice about the delete option. And one must confirm it after clicking the “delete your profile” button. You must be unhesitant to confirm your action. It will take 48 hours for the site to remove your data from its servers. So, you have to wait for 48 hours. If you log-in to your account under 48 hours, then your actions must not be completed.

Ashley Madison will charge you $19 for deactivating your account, which is rather unjust. But it happens in the real world.

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What you will lose after deleting Ashley Madison account

The deactivation of Ashley Madison’s account will separate you from somethings. You will not be able to access your messages and chats after deleting the account. Moreover, you will lose all your favorite contacts and profiles. So, you must copy the important information somewhere on your computer for future use. Otherwise, you may end up losing your favorite pictures and videos. If you do not value data, then you can go ahead without copying it.

What benefit you will get after deleting your account

The biggest value you will get is a peace of mind. You will never feel guilty in front of your partner by having other options open for you. The other benefit is less distraction. You will become more focused on your present relationship. Other than browsing and contacting strangers for a little warmth through an online connection.

Last words

We have presented you with an easy method to delete Ashley Madison account. Now, you can use the technique to vanish from Ashley Madison and enjoy a good life with your partner. After all, one nice partner is enough to carry the life forward.